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Happy Birthday, Brian!

September 29, 2018

Today is this guy’s birthday…


We’re finally the same age again.  :)

Conversation this morning…

Me:  Happy Birthday!  Do you feel 49?

Brian:  Every bit of it.  I’ve felt 49 for the last 3 years.

LOL!  Poor old guy.

We started his birthday celebration on Thursday with a trip on the Donut Trail with the kids (more on that later).  We ate SO many donuts that he insisted he didn’t want ANY birthday treats today.  Well, until I told him we were thinking of getting him some cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.  He was okay with that!

Tay & I worked today and Brian spent the day working in the yard.  Tay, Corbin, and I surprised him with a cards and a couple of gifts tonight.  Nick’s meeting us tomorrow night for a birthday dinner.

Happy Birthday, Brian!  I hope this final year in your 40’s is fabulous!  Love you so much!!


Car Probs & A Big Move

September 19, 2018

Last Wednesday night we got a phone call from Tay.  She had just arrived at church and wanted us to know her car had stalled on her once on the way.  She was able to pull over and get the car started and make it the rest of the way to church.  You don’t even know how thankful I was that she had taken “the back way” rather than the highway that night.  Whew!  Brian met her after church and drove her car home and it seemed to be working okay.  They next day he realized there was an issue with it and set about finding a solution.  There were other things going on around here as well so the car just sat for a few days.  No problem, we had four other options (we each have a car and Brian has an old pick-up truck).

Friday was a big day around here.  Nick got the keys to his first apartment!  It’s an awesome place not far from here and also close to his work.  We had a plan for the weekend to get him all settled in.  Friday was to be spent moving the things from our house (his bedroom & some kitchen things).  I got home from work and realized his bedding needed washed so I opted to stay here and get that?  Imagine my surprise when they got home from that first trip and Brian announced that the truck was acting up!  WHAT??  We had a plan for the weekend and that old truck was a big part of it!

Plan B…

We loaded up my car and Nick’s car with the 2nd load (minus his dresser & kitchen table).  We grabbed a quick dinner at Moe’s and then headed over to the apartment.  We unloaded things and Brian got Nick’s bed set up, Tay worked on the kitchen, and I headed out to the store for some food for the next day’s moving crew.  We stopped at Brian’s friend, B’s house on the way home to borrow B’s truck for the weekend.  We HATED doing that but NEEDED a truck for the moving plans to work.

Saturday morning Tay headed to work (in Brian’s car) and I headed out to go to work the morning shift at the library.  I hopped in my car and IT WOULDN’T START.  Are you kidding me?

I ran back inside to let Brian know what was going on.  He & Nick were getting ready to head out of town to pick up some furniture from my parents.  I needed a car!  We determine that it’s my battery (at least that’s what we hope at this point) and Brian takes me to work.  I text Tay to tell her she’ll have to pick me up on her way home.  A co-worker ended up bringing me home.  Brian & Nick headed to New Carlisle to pick up some furniture from my parents.  They have just down-sized and had some things for Nick.  Brian & Nick came back by after unloading B’s truck & my dad’s truck at the apartment.  We loaded up a few more things and then headed back to the apartment for a bit.  Thankful for my parents and their willingness to drive a truckload of stuff down and also for some of Nick’s friends who came to help haul stuff to his third floor apartment.  We left Nick & his friends to their weekly “game night”, my parents headed home, and we headed out to buy a battery for my car.

Sunday we met Nick at IKEA (Brian HATES IKEA!) and then went back to his apartment and worked on getting most of the items he purchased put together.  He was pretty settled in when we left him on Sunday.  His place is so nice (much bigger than our first apartment!).

In the middle of all the moving hoopla, Brian spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what was going on with Tay’s car.  Monday night he had me come out to the garage to assist him with a few things.  It went a bit like this…

Brian: Okay, give it some gas.

Me:  I’m giving it gas and it’s not doing anything.  I’m pushing the gas down as far as it’ll go.

Brian:  That’s not good.

Me:  Oh, wait.  That’s the brake.

(Obviously I was a big help.)

We decided that we should get the car looked at by someone who knows the brake from the gas and dropped it off this morning to see what’s going on with it.  Hopefully it’s an easy (and not too expensive!) fix.

Everyone handled all these twists & turns to our plans like champs.  We were so thankful that none of the cars broke down on the highway or caused any real danger to anyone.

All that and I didn’t take a single picture of the apartment, except this one of his mailbox.


Welcome home, Nick!

Weight Loss Wednesday: Keto 101 Wrap-Up

September 12, 2018

Had to laugh when I saw this on FB last week…


Too funny.

I just showed it to Taylor.  She says Jesus ate bread.  Ha!


Sunday was the last day for the Keto 101 summer group I’ve been doing and my final weigh in.  I lost a grand total of 15.6 pounds during the group!  Woohoo!

I’m thrilled with the results.  I didn’t do the program perfectly.  I “cheated” a few times.  It’s real life and sometimes you’re offered a Schuler’s donut and you don’t turn those things down.  (Springfield friends know what I’m talking about!)

The fall Keto 102 started on Monday.  Here we go!


5 – 10 – 15 – 20

September 11, 2018






FirstDayofSchool2013 002


Seriously, people.  WHERE DOES THE TIME GO??  No more teenagers in this house.  Our baby is TWENTY YEARS OLD!


This girl is SO sweet, sometimes sassy, and so very funny.  She loves Jesus, her family (especially her dog!), her friends, music, and coffee.  She started her birthday with a quick trip to Starbucks for a free birthday drink.  We’ll end the celebration tonight with caramel apple birthday pie (the girl hates cake!).

Happy Birthday, Taylor!  We love you so much!  Praying that TWENTY is TERRIFIC!


Chicago 2018

September 5, 2018

A few months ago, Brian, Taylor and I started talking about going away for a few days this summer.  Nick was getting ready to start a new job and decided he didn’t want to take any time off just yet so he passed on joining us.   Taylor thought it would be fun to go to Nashville.  The girl LOVES her some Nashville.  Nashville sounded like a fun place to visit.  Until I had a better idea.  An idea that I wanted to keep secret.  I had a fun plan for a trip to Chicago.  I tried to convince Taylor that a trip to Chicago would be wonderful without actually telling her why I wanted to go to Chicago.  Museums and shopping in The Windy City did not sound as much fun to that girl as a trip to Nashville.  We decided we had to tell her the real reason we were thinking Chicago (I’ll tell you in a minute).  We spilled the beans to her.  She cried.  And suddenly Chicago sounded like the BEST IDEA EVER.

We picked a time when she & I would each only have to take one day off work and then we waited for the big day.  We set off on a Tuesday morning and had an uneventful drive there.  We checked into our downtown hotel and decided to walk around the city for a bit.  I think Tay forgot all about Nashville as she quickly fell in love with city life in Chicago.  This was my third time in Chicago and I finally saw The Bean.

Can you see us? :)

Tons of kids were having fun cooling off in this fun fountain.


There was an identical wall on the opposite end and the kids would run back and forth waiting to be “spit” on.

After exploring for a bit we headed back to our hotel and ordered Giordano’s pizza.


Oh. My. Goodness.  So yummy.  (Is this Keto?)

Wednesday morning we decided to do a late breakfast at Wildberry Cafe.


Did you know you can check into some restaurants on the Yelp app and it’ll hold your place in line?  That was new to us and saved us a lot of time waiting.  We checked in from our hotel and by the time we walked there our table was almost ready.  This place was BUSY and once we got our food we realized why.  It was so good.

Tay had the chicken & waffles.  I had the avocado toast.  Brian had some sort of hash.  We decided hash wasn’t really pretty enough for a picture.

We spent a couple hours exploring The American Writers Museum.


Tay’s minor is writing so it was fun learning about American writers throughout history.  And learning about the old machines they used to write on!

(That blue typewriter is the same one I learned to type on in high school typing class!)

I loved this mural in the children’s literature room.


That tree is filled with squirrels.  Each squirrel is reading a popular children’s book and something about the squirrel represents the books it’s reading.  Fun!  (I love children’s books!)


Good advice for an aspiring writer!

We had purchased tickets for a double-decker tour bus and decided we would do part of the tour after we were done at the museum.


We were having a great time on the tour until it started to rain!  We were finally able to get inside the bus.



We ate an early dinner at Shake Shack and stopped by Garrett’s popcorn (they’re “famous” for their Chicago mix but Tay & I LOVE their caramel corn) before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the real reason we came to Chicago.


Wow!  It was so good!  Taylor still can’t believe she got to see it!


Advice if you’re going to see it – listen to the soundtrack before you go.  Learn the songs.  It’s non-stop singing/rapping throughout and some of it can be hard to understand if you’re not familiar with the songs.  Brian still doesn’t know what it was about.  Ha!  Just kidding….he knows what it was about but did have problems understanding some of the songs since he hadn’t listened to the music before hand.  It still amazes me that a rap musical about Alexander Hamilton is such a big hit.  I loved the show but I also LOVED the audience’s reaction to the show – the old man in front of me just made the night.  He knew all the songs!

Our hotel was attached to the theater so we had easy access into the show (a separate hotel entrance) and were back in our room quickly after the show.  Very nice!

Thursday was our last full day in the city.  We grabbed breakfast at The Corner Bakery.  Taylor had delicious cinnamon roll french toast (I should have snapped a picture).  That girl knows how to order some yummy food.  I’m gonna just have her order for me from now on.

We spent a good part of the day exploring The Field Museum.

When we were done we hopped back on the double-decker bus (it’s a hop-on, hop-off bus so we used it for transportation to various things) and headed up Michigan Ave. to do some shopping.  Taylor got a few things and we stopped by Garrett’s popcorn to grab some  Chicago mix to take to a friend.  We finished up the 2nd half of the bus tour and made it to the final stop just as they were closing up for the day.  We walked back to the hotel and ordered pizza from Lou Malnati’s (yes, Chicago pizza again – don’t judge).

Friday morning we were going to eat breakfast at the hotel before heading home but it was PACKED so we walked down to McDonald’s (where we had our first experience with the ordering kiosks – confusing!).  We checked out of the hotel and headed home.  But first we made a quick top to visit my BFF and her boys (her “boys” are grown men and they joined us for lunch but had to get back to work).  We had a nice lunch and had fun seeing her new house.  Funny thing, she and I always take each other a little gift and we both got each other the SAME THING – a Yankee Candle and a Rae Dunn mug.  What are the odds?!


Sarah & I met a couple of years ago (ha!) when we were in a College & Career Sunday School class at Maiden Lane church.  We’ve not lived in the same city (or state!) for MANY years so we don’t get to see each other nearly enough.  I was thrilled we could swing by and visit for a bit.

It was a LONG journey home from there.  From Chicago actually.  Big accidents on major roads so the Waze app rerouted us to back roads almost the whole way.  When we FINALLY made it home, Brian said he felt like he had driven figure-eights all across the state of Indiana!

What a fun few days!  Taylor absolutely loved being in the city and was quite sad to be back to normal life.  Here are a few extra pics from her phone (she didn’t wear those casual clothes to the show – that was taken the day we got to Chicago :).


Weight Loss Wednesday

August 29, 2018

Some days I feel like this…


But I’m not smiling.  Or dancing.  I’m mad.  Ha!

Keto isn’t really hard, but some days it’s so hard and I just want to eat all. the. carbs.  You know what I mean?

Last night we were leaving Skyline (there are some Keto friendly options at Skyline – and most places) and Brian grabbed a couple peppermint patties.  He offered me one.  I told him not to be mean.  LOL!  He said, “How many carbs can there be in just one?”  I told him that I had “cheated” on Sunday and I knew I would be “cheating” again this coming Sunday so I was sticking to good choices all week.

Oh, and that one SMALL peppermint patty?  11 carbs.  ELEVEN!  No thank you.  (And I used to eat two of them every time we went to Skyline.)

Anyhoo…I lost two more pounds for a grand total of 14.1 (yes, I’m counting that POINT one) so far!


Weekend Wrap-Up

August 28, 2018

Happy Tuesday!  Yesterday was a busy and NOISY day!  I worked until 2:00 and then stopped for a quick grocery pick up.  Brian had to leave for a late meeting when I got home.  He was happy to leave because it had been so noisy all day.  We were having a new roof put on.  Those guys worked from 7:30 in the morning until around 9:00 last night.  I felt bad for them working all day in the heat but they sure got it done.  Sounded like fireworks going off for hours on end!

Friday night has become “Steak Friday” around here (has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?).  We’ve enjoyed grilling out many Friday nights this summer.  This past Friday was great because we were all home.  That doesn’t seem to happen much these days with two busy young adult kids around.  After dinner we took the dog for his nightly walk (he’s ready every night at 7:00 and sure let’s us know when it’s walk time!).  Brian and I started watching the Black Panther movie.  It was good but boy was I tired.  I think coming back from vacation and jumping right into a busy week had caught up with me!  I was having trouble keeping my eyes open so we stopped the movie and I headed up to bed at 9:45 p.m.  I NEVER go to bed that early!

Saturday was going to be spent cleaning our basement storage area.  Nick decided that he wanted to go look at a few things at IKEA and asked if I wanted to go along.  That sounded better than cleaning the basement!  We invited Brian along but he HATES IKEA so he decided to stay home and work on the lawn mower.  Nick and I headed out for a late breakfast/early lunch.  The line at First Watch was out the door so we decided to grab Chipotle instead.  Then we wandered around IKEA looking for some things for his apartment (he’s moving soon!).  He got some great ideas.  I wasn’t feeling 100% on Saturday (maybe that was the reason I was in bed so early the night before??) so I had a lazy couple of hours at home after IKEA.  I started a book I had picked up at the library.  Brian and I went to church and then grabbed some dinner (soup for me).  We came home, walked the dog, and then finished the Black Panther.  We really liked it.

Sunday morning was a lazy one.  Taylor headed off to church.  I had to work at 1:00.  I sent this picture out to some friends on snapchat…


I NEVER wear dresses.  I bought this one before summer thinking I might wear it to work on hot days but just hadn’t done it yet.  Sunday morning I put it on and then took it off.  Then I decided it was hot and I was just going to wear it.  Nick was the only one home before I left for work.  He gave it a thumbs up.  He may have just wanted me to leave him alone.  Ha!  I now know why so many of you love to wear dresses!  I think I *need* to buy another Carly.  And I’ve already decided that next summer I’ll be wearing dresses all. the. time.

I tossed this meatball pizza crockpot recipe together before heading out.  It was a BUSY afternoon at the library.  I was thankful dinner was ready when I got home.  I put out additional pizza toppings and everyone made their own pizza bowls.  Yum!

Oh, and apparently Sunday was National Dog Day!  Corbin was happy about that…


Of course he thinks every day is “Dog Day” around here!  He might be right. #spoiledrotten

Yesterday was Tay’s first day of school.  Each of her semesters is divided into two 8-week sessions.  At the end of this first 8-week session she’ll be done with her Freshman year (you may remember that she started college in January).  She’s loving it!  I reminded her to take a “First Day” picture.  I stole this off her snapchat…


Perk of online school – workout clothes & a messy bun.  A quick Starbucks run never hurts either.  :)