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Heard Around the House {or at church on Easter Sunday}

April 2, 2018

At the beginning of yesterday’s service….

Me:  Did he just say “after the sabbath”?

Nick:  Yes.

Me:  I thought he said “after the salad”.  I didn’t remember salad being part of the Easter story.

Nick:  That’s the vegan version.

Crack. Me. Up.

Vegan version.  Ha!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  And yummy salad.  :)



Joy Bombs

March 24, 2018

I think I told you lat week that I was starting this Bible study.


My favorite thing about this study so far is the “Joy Bomb Journal” in the back of the book.  Each day we’re supposed to write down three “Joy Bombs” – things that bring us joy during the day.  I thought it might be fun to share mine here so here are some things that brought me joy in week one of this study.


  • Long lunch with a new friend.
  • Chocolate peanut butter ice cream.
  • Old pictures of my kids floating in the pool.
  • John Crist YouTube videos.
  • Saturday night church at The Vineyard.
  • Funny Facebook comments.
  • Cute kids carrying flags from around the world at church.
  • Easter egg stuffing party at the end of church.
  • Chocolate cupcakes.
  • Shopping & lunch with my mom.
  • Dinner with Nick.
  • Good deals at the outlet mall.
  • Good customer service.
  • Iced coffee.
  • Tuesday night date night.
  • Funny Facebook Memories.
  • Dinner with friends @ Cancun.
  • Jesus talks with some of my favorite people.
  • Frisch’s “Wall of Fame” (it was empty – too funny).
  • Bible shopping with a friend, so many pretty Bibles!
  • High school choir performance – kids who perform at 110%, parents dancing in their seats when their kid sings, a sweet “promposal” after the show.
  • Morning spent with Tay.
  • Dinner with Brian & Tay (and cheese curds).
  • Phone call with my parents.

I think two things are obvious when you look at this list.

  1.  Joy can be found in the simplest things.
  2.  I ate out WAY too much this week.  :)

What brought you JOY this past week?

Friday Favorites

March 16, 2018

Happy Friday!  Earlier this week, my friend Allie mentioned that her favorite things on my blog are “Heard Around the House” and “Friday Favorites” so I figured I better post today!  Allie is one of my favorites!


She sat next to me one night at Bible study a while back and we texted this to my DFF since she usually sits there.

(Look Allie!  You made the blog again!)

A couple other favorites from this week…

Bible Study

I love getting together with a group of ladies to study the Bible.  I meet weekly with a group from church but occasionally attend a daytime group at another church as well.  That group started back up this week and we’re starting this study…


This week class started with craft time.  LOL!  :)


I love that two of my favorite friends attend this study as well.

Jennie Allen

I’ve followed author/speaker Jennie Allen on social media for a while and was thrilled to get to hear her speak in person last weekend at a local church.  I loved this video that they shared at the start of the conference.

Good stuff!

Have a great weekend!


February #photoaday2018

March 8, 2018

Here’s a little look back at February…

Friday Favorites

March 2, 2018

You know what’s not a favorite thing of mine?


If I drink too much caffeine, especially late in the day, I can’t sleep at night.  Yesterday I went out to lunch with Brian.  I had an iced tea an brought a refill home for the afternoon.  I went to dinner with friends and had an iced tea and a refill to go.  We went to a coffee shop after dinner and I got coffee and didn’t order decaf.  Last night?  I didn’t sleep a wink.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop with Tay right now.  I’m hoping the caffeine in the coffee I’m drinking will keep me awake!  LOL!

Why do I do this to myself?  I know better!  Anyhoo…

Here are a few favorites from this week.

Kala Coffee House


Taylor’s friend told her about this new coffee shop at a local church.  We are hooked.  Great coffee, neat atmosphere, and all kinds of toast.  Who would have thought a menu full of toast could make people so happy?  I’ve tried two kinds of avocado toast (both yummy).  Taylor’s had s’mores toast and peanut butter, banana, and honey toast.  #yum


If you’re local and like coffee shops, you need to go!



My mother has played Bunco for years with a fun group of her friends.  I remember hearing the cries of “BUNCO!” coming from our family room when it would be her turn to host.  I never learned to play the game.  All that changed last weekend when our church hosted a Bunco fundraiser.  I liked it so much I went with a group to Bunco night at the coffee shop last night (my other favorite coffee shop – Coffee Cup Overflowing, where Tay works).  I think it’s going to be a regular thing.  Brian says I’m turning into my mother. :)

Car Rides with Corbin


Okay, so not really my favorite thing, but Corbin sure does like riding in the car!  Just look how happy his is.  Charlie was never great in the car so I never really took him places.  Because of that Corbin hasn’t gone for many rides either.  He had a quick trip to the vet this week and was so happy to take a ride in the car.  We had beautiful weather one evening so Brian & I took him with us to a local walking trail.  He loved the walk and the ride there & back.

I’m gonna try to get some Bible study work done and not fall asleep here on the couch!  Happy Friday!



Heard Around the House: Uber Edition

February 23, 2018

Last night Nick was telling me about his weekend plans…

Me:  You should take an Uber Saturday night.

Nick:  I’m planning on it.  You do realize that Uber is everything you taught me not to do.  Don’t give your personal information to strangers online.  Hey stranger, here’s my first name, phone number, and the exact location I’m standing.  And when the stranger shows up I’m gonna hop in his car.

Oh. My. Goodness.  He’s right!  What kind of mother am I?


Happy Valentine’s Day & a Birthday too!

February 14, 2018


We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day.  Brian and I found ourselves with a free evening last night (Tay was at work) so we decided to go out for a Valentine’s dinner since we’ll be at church tonight.  We were excited to try Texas Roadhouse until we pulled in and it was PACKED!  It was 7:00.  We were hungry and not interested in waiting a long time for dinner so we headed to another place across the street.


Yes, we’re old.

I’ve always gotten our kids something for Valentine’s Day.  Now that they’re older I just put $10 in their bank account and they’re happy! :)  Do you get your kids gifts for Valentine’s Day?  I know some people think that’s weird.  That’s okay.  I like weird.

Today is also this little guy’s birthday!


He’s 8 today.  I’m sure he’ll have some ice cream later to celebrate!