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So Sad

November 15, 2007

Two years ago a new 2nd grader joined our AHG troop.  She was in my group and this kid LOVED all things AHG.  Her mom wasn’t well.  She had a bad heart.  That didn’t stop her.  She did her best to get her daughter to all the events she wanted to attend.  Last year the mom had a heart transplant.  She had a rough time afterwards.  In and out of the hospital.  Her daughter, at the time a 3rd grader, would come to our meetings and ask us to pray for her mom.  Some days she didn’t know if her mom would be home when she got home or in the hospital.  Things seemed to improve.  The mom was out and about and eventually took off the mask used to protect her from germs and getting sick.  I thought all was well.  The daughter is now in 4th grade and has moved on to a higher AHG level so she’s not in my unit any longer.  I went to school today to help with lunch duty and was totally in SHOCK when I found out that this girl’s mother had passed away this morning.  It’s so sad.  My heart breaks for this little girl.  This is the second mom at the kids’ school to pass away in the past 6 months!  So sad….Please pray for both of these girls.

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