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It was a BIG day at our house…

November 17, 2007

Friday was a big day.  Nick became the vice-mayor of Tradetown at school.  He was sworn in by the real mayor of Fairfield.  Check the gallery for pictures.

Brian parked his car in the garage for the first time ever!  The kids were laughing that this was such a big deal to him :)  We’ve had a 2 car garage for a little over a year now but just recently had a storage barn built and now we have room for both cars in the garage – woohoo!

Yesterday I had the laundry caught up.  Well, almost.  And it only lasted for about 5 minutes but hey, at least it was under control for a time….  I’m “laundry challenged”.  It’s never done! :(

Taylor got some fuzzy pencils today.  Why would one need fuzzy pencils?  I’m not really sure but for one 9 year old in our house it was a mission to be accomplished ~ find those fuzzy pencils.  We did and now all is right with the world.  Oh, to be nine and have your biggest concern be your lack of fuzzy pencils…:)  By the way, the pencils were found at Wal-Mart.  I’m sure come Monday, when Tay’s the second kid in her class with fuzzy pencils, other girls are going to HAVE to have them! :)  Tay thinks she draws better with fuzzy pencils.  Maybe that was my problem when I was young.  Imagine how much better I would have done in art class if I had only had a fuzzy pencil….

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