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A 780 Calorie Lollipop

December 12, 2007

Taylor went to a birthday party at Pump It Up last Friday.  What fun!  As the girls were leaving the party they were presented with a GIANT lollipop to take home.  The other moms and I were cracking up when we saw that this one lollipop had 780 calories!  Since Friday Tay has taken a lick or two of the lollipop and kept it safely in a zip-loc baggie.  At this rate it would have taken her a year and a half to finish.  780 calories over a year and a half time isn’t really that bad after all!  :)  Imagine my surprise today as I was tidying up the living room to find the baggie torn open and most of the lollipop gone!  Well, there was only ONE “person” in our house who would do such a thing.  I looked over at Shadow and he “smiled” at me.  This crazy mutt “smiles” when he’s been bad.  I think it’s his way of saying “oops!  I goofed.  I’m so sorry.”  I wonder if a 780 calorie lollipop would make a dog sick.  I guess we’ll find out….  Now to get the sticky lollipop out of rug – ugh!

In other news I discovered I have a blog reader!  WooHoo!  Okay, so maybe it’s not THAT exciting ~ since this person actually lives in my house!  I’ll try to do better at updating so my loyal fan will have something fun to read.

The snow day that wasn’t.  Everyone else got one.  We didn’t :(  Nick REALLY wanted one!  On the way home from church on Thursday he kept talking about the possibility of snow over night and a snow day on Friday.  When I told him that just wasn’t going to happen he says “never underestimate the power of our God!”.  I love it!  It IS supposed to snow this weekend.  I sure hope not as we have our children’s Christmas musical at church and snow would keep people from coming.  The kids have worked for MONTHS on this program.  PLUS, there’s a great Kidstuf planned for Sunday morning.  NO SNOW PLEASE!


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