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December 31, 2007

I love Christmas letters.  I never write one but love getting them and seeing what people have been up to.  I thought it would be fun to do a blog review of 2007.  Here’s some of the fun we had in 2007.

January:  Nick turned 11 (where does the time go?).  Both kids played SOAR basketball.  It was Nick’s 6th season & Tay’s 2nd.  Little did we know it would be the last SOAR season ever at CCS.  Brian coached both teams.  Fun!

February:  The month started with our annual Super Bowl Party with our friends, the Barker’s & the Ploetz’s (we had a fun time playing Dance Dance Revolution @ half-time!).  Brian & Tay attended “The King’s Ball” – an AHG Father/Daughter dance.  Planning began for our Disney vacation! ºoº

March:  Tay recited a poem in the ACSI speech meet & got an “Excellent” ribbon.  Nick & Brian went on the 5th grade over-night trip to Camp Campbellguard (a very intense “underground railroad” experience).

April:  Tay & I attended “Camporee” – a fun AHG day camp.  Tay earned her “Home Care & Repair” Badge.

May:  Lots of fun “End of School” activities – Spring Concert, Grandparents’ Day, AHG Awards, class picnics, and Field Day.  Our first season of “Kidstuf” ended.  What a fun season that was!

June:  We went on a very *Magical* vacation to Disney World.  It really is the most magical place on earth!  :)  VBS at church was lots of fun.  Tay’s dance recital was great.

July:  Nick went to Tall Stacks day camp at Ben’s church again this year.  Tay had her Bible Bowl competition.  We had fun visiting the Kings Island waterpark on Wednesdays. 

August:  I went to the Women of Faith conference in Ft. Wayne with 4 of my girlfriends (what fun!).  The kids went fishing with my parents (and caught lots of fish!).  High School Musical 2 premiered and Tay had a party with her girlfriends.  Nick started 6th grade & Tay started 3rd grade.

September:  Tay turned NINE!!  She had a fun High School Musical party with all her little girlfriends and a “Monkey” party with our family.  FUN!  Kidstuf started back up (have I told you how much I love Kidstuf?!?!?).  We’ve been in our house for a whole year!

October:  Tay took a cake decorating class.  She now supplies all our family’s cake needs!  :)  The kids had fun Trick-or-Treating with friends.  Nick was Sora (a dude from a video game) and Tay was Hannah Montana.  Nick got contacts (but isn’t sure he likes them!).

November:  We enjoyed Thanksgiving in Springfield at Brian’s mom & Don’s house.  Tay did a cheerleading clinic at school (Go Cougars!).  Nick started CYO basketball.

December:  Nick’s first band concert was amazing!  Nick played Grandfather Starr in the children’s musical at church.  We all enjoyed our Christmas celebrations. 

Brian & I were talking earlier today about what a great year 2007 was.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us for 2008!

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