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Happy New Year!

January 3, 2008

What year is it anyways?  I was paying bills this morning and realized (after I had sealed several envelopes) that I was writing 2007 on the checks!  It’ll take me a month or so to get used to writing “08”. 

We had a quiet but fun New Year’s Eve.  We ate snacks, played a game, watched a movie (Bruce Almighty – funny!), and watched the ball drop on t.v.  Nick had a little bit of a sore throat all day and ended up waking up at 5:00 a.m. New Year’s Day with a fever.  It was 103º all day.  We went to the doctor on Wednesday and he has strep throat.  Poor guy.  He often gets sick on holidays or his birthday!

Taylor had a snow day yesterday.  She was bummed.  Not so much because it was a snow day but because Nick was sick so it was a “boring day” (as she stated in an e-mail she sent me!).  She’s back at school today.  They got to wear sweatsuits to school today instead of uniforms (woohoo).  Nick’s still home sick – but feeling much better.  He should be well enough to return to school tomorrow. 

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