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January 7, 2008

So, today was my first official work-out day at the Y.  Angie and I met up at 9:00, took a tour of the place (different location from where we signed up), walked a mile on the indoor track, and then got ready for our class.  We’ve signed up for 3 water aerobics classes each week.  We headed to the pool and immediately wondered if we were in the right place.  The average age of the gals in this class was around 68!  They were all nice and soon the instructor arrived and things got moving.  We started with some stretches and quickly moved into other things.  We were moving.  I was feeling it. I looked up and saw the clock on the wall and was shocked!  We’d only been in class for 15 minutes!!!  How can that be?  Ok, so I tried to ignore the clock and focus on what we were doing.  It was fun!  Class was just about over.  I looked up again, only to disover that we still had 1/2 hour to go!!  Well, we made it to the end of class – an entire hour (so did all the other ladies ~ the life guards didn’t have to rescue anyone!).  I must admit that I had NO IDEA what a workout these classes would be.  I actually thought water aerobics would be a nice way to EASE INTO working out.  I was TIRED after the class.  I’m actually thrilled that it was FUN and a GOOD workout!  WooHoo!  Maybe I do like exercising after all!  (ask me again in a few weeks!)

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