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Super Bowl

February 3, 2008

Tonight was the Super Bowl & our annual Super Bowl Party.  We had three families from our church over and had a super time! :)  I didn’t watch one single minute of the actual game ~ I did see some screaming animals (cute) and some dancing lizards (strange) but managed to miss anything actually related to football.  The dads watched the game, the kids played, and the moms sat at the kitchen table and talked.  I just realized that we talked, and talked, and talked, and were not one time interrupted by a kid needing something or some sort of conflict between the kids.  It was a good night!  Nick discovered that he loves hot wings and we all discovered that we hate the new Dr. Pepper (cherry chocolate flavor – yuck!).  I hope nobody asks me anything related to the game (like who won) because I’m not sure I’d know the answer!  I’m kidding, I’m kidding…of course I know who won (it was the Miami Dolphins, right?).  ;)

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