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Everything Went Wrong

February 9, 2008

I’ve been sick as a dog this week.  Fever.  Sore throat.  Headache.  Cough.  Stuffy nose.  You name it.  I’ve had it.  Sick.  Sick.  Sick.  I still have no voice which could be a problem come 10:15 tomorrow morning for Kidstuf.  I either need a miracle from God or a microphone that really works! :)

Tonight is the AHG Father/Daughter Dance ~ “A Night at the Oscars”.  Brian and Tay are there now and I hope they’re having a fabulous time.  The hour or two leading up to the event were definately NOT fabulous!  Tay is wearing a darling black dress with silver polka dots (she thinks Ashley Tisdale has a similar dress!).  I got Brian a grey shirt and black & gray tie to wear with his black suit so they would coordinate.  I was sure they were going to look just like two movie stars walking the red carpet at the Oscars.  Unfortunately, it was brought to my attention about 1/2 hour before it was time for them to be ready that Brian doesn’t own a black suit!  His suit is dark navy.  What?!?!  How can that be?  The shirt & tie I bought go with a BLACK suit!  Okay, don’t panic….the shirt and tie will look great with a nice pair of black dress pants.  They’ll still coordinate.  Everything will be fine.  Well, everything would be fine if the gray shirt would have fit!  UGH!!  Did I mention that during all of this Tay is upset with me over her hair?  Keep in mind I’ve also been sick, am tired, and have no voice!  I think I may have started yelling at this point but no one could hear me!  I finally had enough!  Tay looked wonderful (and she was happy with her hair!).  Brian looked great too – in his blue suit & Spongebob Squarepants tie.  No, they didn’t coordinate.  No, Spongebob would never be worn to the “Oscars”.  Oh, well…there’s always next year.  I just hope someone reminds me what color suit Brian has! 

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