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I need some lederhosen!

March 5, 2008

It’s still “International Week” at CCS.  Today we visited Germany as Nick’s class shared all the info they’ve learned on this interesting country.  A few days ago I asked Nick what he needed to wear for the presentation today.  He said he needed lederhosen.  Uhhh…I don’t think so!  I asked if he knew what lederhosen was.  He said leather pants.  Oh, well…in that case, I’m sure we must have a spare pair of leather pants around here somewhere! :)  I pulled up google images and showed him what lederhosen is:

All he could say was “oh”.  I’m sure he was glad I didn’t have any lederhosen in the closet!  He did end up wearing shorts, a shirt, and suspenders.  Mr. Bennet had made the cool little hats for the boys to wear :)  Nick talked about authors from Germany focusing on the Grimm brothers.  My favorite “German fact” ~ did you know Walt Disney modeled Cinderella’s castle after a castle in Germany?  It’s true! 

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