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I Didn't Sleep at All Last Night

March 11, 2008

When will I learn?  I cannont drink caffeine for dinner.  The kids & I went to Arby’s for dinner since Brian was out of town.  I had a diet coke with my sandwich (French Dip -yum!).  I got a refill to go.  I was up most of the night.  Will I ever learn?!?!

I had great plans for today:  drop kids off – exercise at the Y – swing by Wal-mart – take a nap (hey, I was up all night!) – catch up on laundry – clean the house – stop by the library – pick the kids up.  Not exactly how things worked out.  I did drop the kids off, exercise, and then hit Wal-mart.  As I was putting the groceries away I noticed a water bottle in the freezer.  This would be the water bottle that was supposed to be in Nick’s lunch!  Not normally a huge deal but I had packed him hot wings for lunch!  He needed a drink.  So, I could nap and he could be miserable at lunch with his hot wings or I could drive to the school and get him a drink.  So, I went to the school and got him a Dr. Pepper.  While I was out I stopped by the library to pick up a book Tay had on hold.  Came home and washed some dished (did I mention that my dishwasher bit the dust?!!?).  Ate lunch.  Cleaned up the downstairs.  Rested a minute or two (or 20 – okay, maybe 30).  Headed off to get kids and it took 40+ minutes to get to school because of two trains – one totally blocking the road so I had to go a different way (WAY out of the way!) and the other moving v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y…I was 5 minutes late (I hate that – I’m always early!).  I never did get around to doing any laundry.  Maybe I should do that now.  Or then again, maybe not! :)

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