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4:12 is a Good Time for Custard

March 16, 2008

Brian & Nick went to a “custom car show” this afternoon.  I’m not exactly sure what that means but they say it was “awesome”. 

Tay and I went shopping at Bridgewater Falls along with most of Fairfield Twp.  We were looking for an Easter dress for Tay.  She wondered if it was a tradition for people to shop for an Easter dress on Palm Sunday – why else would there be SO many people out shopping today?  The line at Justice went from the back of the store to the doors.  We didn’t buy anything there.  Next stop – Target, where we didn’t find an Easter dress but did get a shirt for Nick, a monkey door mat (Tay chose this and now wants me to decorate the porch in monkeys!), and a few other things.  Next stop was Kohl’s.  We took several dresses in to try on and found the “perfect” one.  Now, I’m not sure if it was the perfect one because it fit so well, because she loved it so much, or because it had Hannah Montana’s name sewn onto the label.  Doesn’t matter to me – we found the dress and it was on sale.  :)  On the way to Kohl’s we decided that we would get some frozen custard at Culver’s after we found a dress.  When we pulled into Culver’s the parking lot was almost empty.  I said it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner.  Tay looked at the clock and said “4:12 is a good time for custard”.  I think anytime is a good time for custard!  She had a cookie dough concrete mixer & I had a Reece’s concrete mixer (Culver’s version of a “blizzard”) – Yum-O! :)

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