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Psycho Mom

March 17, 2008

Nick’s friend Bryce’s mom has a phrase she uses for when a mom totally loses it with her kids – she says they become “Psycho Mom”.  I’m ashamed to say I had one of those moments with Nick tonight.  I was extremely upset with him over his grade in Bible.  Once again, I learned that I must take a deep breath and look at the whole picture.  Sometimes things aren’t exactly what they seem.  Computerized gradebooks aren’t always right.  Grades can be entered wrong or they aren’t always kept up to date.  The grade that I thought he had – he didn’t.  We both learned some lessons tonight.  Me – not to overreact.  Nick – to make sure he’s applying himself and keeping on top of his work.  I’m sorry I was so tough on you Nick.  Hopefully “psycho mom” won’t show up again anytime soon. 

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