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White Bread

April 2, 2008

I don’t usually take my kids grocery shopping with me.  It’s not that they’re bad when we go.  They just don’t like to go.  Plus, when they’re with me we end up bringing home things like Twinkies and ice cream.  Anyhoo, last week was spring break from school and I had no choice but to take them.  We were down to cheese slices, chocolate pudding, and a frozen pie crust (wouldn’t that make an interesting dinner).  So, off to the store we went.  They each got ONE treat and then were told NOT to ask for anything else (Tay got gingerbread cookies & Nick got 100 calorie fudge brownies).  I was grabbing a loaf of bread and Tay asked if we could get white bread.  I always buy wheat bread.  Brian likes wheat and that’s just what I’ve always gotten.  Apparently my kids like white bread.  Who knew?  Tay informs me at this point that there is a “Gross Wheat Bread Club” at school and it seems I was practically forcing her to join by continually purchasing the “gross wheat bread”.  I’m sorry “Gross Wheat Bread Club” members.  You will not be getting a new member.  All sandwiches in Tay’s lunch box will now be made with socially acceptable white bread.  I wonder if I should warn the other moms?  I’d hate for any of Tay’s friends to get mixed up with that wild wheat bread gang! :)

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