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Nick's Room

April 23, 2008

We’re re-doing Nick’s room.  He picked out the paint colors.  He now has one blue wall, one green wall, one orange wall, and one red wall.  We weren’t 100% sure of his decorating choices but now that it’s painted it looks pretty cool.  He loves it & that’s the most important thing.  However, even though the walls look cool, the rest of the room is a disaster.  His big bunk beds are in the center of the room.  His clothes are piled everywhere (I gave his dresser to Tay).  The kid needs furniture!  We’ve picked out some cool black furniture (a bed & dresser) from IKEA that should look great with the wild walls.  I had money set aside for bedroom furniture.  That money is gone….where did the money go?  Well, Nick & Tay are now the proud owners of a mini-bike.  Yes, you read that right.  A mini-bike.  When Brian and Nick were talking about getting the bike I told Nick he could get furniture or the mini-bike.  Hmmmm…furniture.  Mini-bike.  Furniture.  Mini-bike.  Duh, of course we’d get the mini-bike.  A twelve-year-old boy does not mind sleeping in a disaster zone – especially if he has a cool new toy for zipping around the backyard. The mini-bike does look like fun!  I think I would have chosen the same thing!! :)

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