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Goose on the Loose!

April 29, 2008

Is it just me or is the goose population out of control?!?!?  I can’t go anywhere without driving past (or around) a goose or two.  This morning I ran (well, I drove) to the AHG Attic to purchase gifts from my AHG girls.  As soon as I parked my car I noticed him.  Ten feet from my car was a goose.  I had two choices at this point.  Drive around and look for another spot or hop out of the car and rush into the store.  I chose to get out and quickly make my way to the store.  He seemed to be content looking for somthing to eat in the grass so all was well….until I turned the corner of the building.  I almost had a heart attack as I rounded the building and came face to face with another goose sitting on her nest.  Now I happen to know that if you get too close to a nesting goose you will be attacked by the male goose keeping watch over things (trust me on this one).  After my heart started beating again and I picked myself up from the ground (and quickly looked around to make sure no one saw me jump in fear!) I ran like the wind into the store.  I made my purchases (the girls will love the gifts) and prepared to leave.  I only had one problem ~ how would I make it back to the car without being attacked by a goose?  I decided to circle way out away from the nesting mama and make my way over to my car.  I was still afraid the daddy goose would be lurking around my car so I crept ever so quietly around the side to make sure the coast was clear.  No sign of Mr. Goose so I hopped in and quickly made my escape.  I did see him again as I was leaving the parking lot.  He was standing where I needed to go so I had to take the long way around to get out.  I think I heard him laughing as I drove past! :)

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