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The Contract

May 2, 2008

Taylor is busy planning her birthday party.  Keep in mind that her birthday is in September.  FOUR months away.  Anyhoo, the other night Brian & I were sitting in the rocking chairs on our front porch (yes, we’re old & boring) and Tay comes out and says, “I need you to sign this contract”.  She hands us a bright orange folder and a pencil.  On the front of the orange folder are the words “Pump it up folder”.  Inside are three pages.  The first is a sample invitation she made on the computer.  The second page is the start of her guest list.  She’s left room for new friends she’s sure to make once school starts in the fall.  The third page is the contract:

You must agre to the contract.

*  Do all the work

*  Let me have fun

*  Buy cookie cake



Yes, we signed.  Yes, we’ll do all the work.  Yes, we’ll buy a cookie cake.  And, YES, she’ll have fun!!

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