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What a Week!

May 9, 2008

Sunday was a day of bumps & bruises.  Tay tripped on the step walking out the front door.  Huge scrape on her knee – ouch!  Later, I was upstairs and thought I heard Nick scream.  I listened closely.  Nope.  Must have imagined it in all the outside noise of kids playing.  A few minutes later Brian comes in with Nick and Nick is crying.  He fell off the neighbor’s swing set.  The swing broke and he hurt his back.  Being the awesome parents that we are we gave him a bag of ice and had him rest.  Little did we know….

Monday Nick’s back is sore.  I keep him home from school.  Just for my own peace of mind I call the pediatrician’s office to talk to the nurse.  I’m sure she’ll say to have him rest for a day or two and he’ll be fine.  She doesn’t.  I take him in expecting them to say he needs to rest a day or two.  They don’t.  A dozen x-rays later they call and say to go directly to Children’s Hospital for and “emergency CT scan”.  He has a compression fracture in his spine.  They want another test & a doctor’s visit with a specialist.  That sounds scary.  I call Brian – come home quick & go with me.  I’m crying.  Nick’s crying.  CT scan confirms mild fracture.  No doctor will see us today.  What?  We are in a hospital.  My kid has a fracture.  A fracture.  In his spine. 

Tuesday morning is spent trying to find a doctor.  The first place I call is recommended by a friend.  They won’t see spine injury patients under the age of 14.  They say go to a doctor at Children’s Hospital.  I call the hospital scheduling line.  They can see him – next Wednesday!  Uh, I don’t think so.  I call the nurse at our doctor’s office and she gives me a name & number.  I call and they can see him that afternoon.  They’re the practice that treats the Cincinnati Reds.  Surely they know what they’re doing. :)  Yep, it’s a fracture.  It’s mild (thankfully).  Should be better in four weeks (this is better than the six we were told on Monday).  Nick is fitted for a back brace.

Wednesday Nick goes back to school.  Has a good day.  Very tired that evening.  School is kind enough to let him be out of dress code due to the brace.  This is the best part of the whole thing for Nick! :)

Thursday Nick has a bad morning at school.  It’s been a stressful week at this point.  Not everyone understand that.  A little kindness would go along way.  He was crying when I saw him at lunch.  I wanted to take him and run home.  I left him there.  The afternoon improved.  They had a “puberty class” that afternoon (that’s a blog for another day….).  Nick sang in the choir concert even though he was tired & sore.  His last choir event. 

Today is Friday.  Grandparents Day at school.  Always a great day.  Even better that it is a 1/2 day and we end the moring with lunch at Frisch’s.  Lots of fun.  Laughter.  I needed laughter today.  It really is the best medicine. 

Oh, and Children’s Hospital called to confirm Nick’s appointment ~ for next Wednesday!  Uh, I don’t think so!


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