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Wedding Gift

May 22, 2008

Brian and I are going to a wedding this weekend.  I’ve looked at their bridal registry and need help picking out a gift.  Do you think I should get the $279 vegetable bowl or the $150 coffee pot?  Come on!  There’s not a vegetable out there that deserves to be served in a bowl that costs almost $300.  Someone should tell these people that in a few years they won’t even use serving bowls ~ they’ll just leave everything in the pans on the stove and fill their plates buffet style.  Makes for less dishes to wash that way!

This all reminds me of purchasing a wedding gift a few years back.  I waited too long and most of the items off of this couple’s registry had already been purchased.  One of the few things left was a toilet plunger.  Okay…not something I would have registered for but if that’s what you really want!  However, this particular toilet plunger was $20!!  $20!  Who’s going to pay $20 for something you’re going to stick in the toilet and…(well, we all know what they’re used for!).  No one needs a $20 plunger.  Well, maybe my in-laws do.  Every time we have a family gathering at their house the plunger makes an appearance.  I always say it’s not a holiday unless someone has to plunge the toilet.  I’m not sure they appreciate my humor!  Wouldn’t it be nice if they had a nice pretty plunger to bring out at the holidays?  I think I know what I’m getting them this year for Christmas.  :)

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