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Fashion is Painful!

June 1, 2008

I wore this really cute pair of sandals for the first time this morning.  Aren’t they cute?  Well, I thought so too ~ for about the first 20 minutes they were on my feet.  Now imagine how my feet must feel with the big red welts left on them by the really cute sandals.  My feet are screaming out in pain ~ even my wonderful Crocs aren’t helping. :(

Tay wore this really cute Hannah Montana top to church this morning.  Look how cute:

 Now, look again at the way she’s standing.  That’s how she had to walk by the end of the morning because those fancy sequins were rubbing the underside of her arm and causing her pain.  She couldn’t wait to get home and change clothes.

I wonder if the designers of these things ever test them out on real people.  I think from now on Tay and I will stick with t-shirts & Crocs. 

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