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Bad Storms

June 4, 2008

Bad storms moved in last night.  The kids and I (and the dog) took shelter in the basement for a while.  The kids read, I watched the weather reports, and the dog wondered what we were all doing down there for so long. :) 

When we were given the all clear for Butler County we headed upstairs.  The kids didn’t want to sleep upstairs as it was still storming so I agreed to a camp-out in the living room.  They got cozy in their sleeping bags and I tried to get cozy (didn’t work!) on the couch.  Tay was the first to fall asleep.  Nick ended up moving into the recliner.  The dog decided to sleep on the couch with me but quickly decided that wasn’t going to work.

We finally all got to sleep.  Our couch is NOT comforable for sleeping.  And it didn’t help that the dog woke me up at 2:45 to go outside.  Then Taylor woke me up to tell me she needed to use the bathroom (she wanted me to know in case I woke up and she wasn’t there).  When she returned from the bathroom she decided to move to the loveseat.  The dog was sleeping on the loveseat so we had to kick him off.  I got her pillows situated and started to grab her sleeping bag only to discover that the dog had moved from the loveseat to the sleeping bag.  We had to kick him off of that too.  Okay, so Tay is finally all settled on the loveseat so I return to the couch.  I reach down to get my quilt which had fallen on the floor and guess what?  Yep, the dog had taken over the quilt.  Poor thing — I had to kick him off of that as well.  I finally get settled and the dog decides once again to “share” the couch with me by jumping up and laying on my legs.  Well, that isn’t going to work.  He finally gets down and we all finally get back to sleep only to wake up a while later to more storms!  Ugh!!  :(  Brian missed all the “fun” as he was out of town at a conference. 

I’m one tired mom today!  I can’t wait to get back in my own bed tonight!!

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