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Our Afternoon at The Beach

June 9, 2008

The kids and I spent a fun-filled afternoon with our neighbors at The Beach Waterpark today.  Nick was thrilled to have some boys to do the slides with as our normal waterpark gang is mostly made up of girls!  Taylor isn’t as much of a thrill-seeker so she didn’t do a lot of the things the boys did.  She’ll be happy to have my mom along next week so they can hang out in the wavepool & warm water pool.  We did discover one ride that we all enjoyed and is now one of Tay’s favorites.  It was one of my favorites too – until today’s unexpected surprise! 

The six of us all decided to go on a ride called “Hidden Rapids”.  It’s like the lazy river with a kick ~ you ride in a tube down a hill.  Tay wasn’t 100% convinced this was the ride for her but decided to give it a try.  We gather some tubes and hike a mile up hill to the start of the ride.  Nick & Josh hop in and take off down the hill.  Tay and I are next followed by Adam & Julie.  Now the thing about this ride is you go down these small hills into these pools of water and sometimes get stuck in the pools of water.  At this point a lifeguard gives you a little push or the person behind you helps to push you over the next hill.  I’m almost to the end and at a little “rapids” section of the ride.  I’m stuck and trying to make it to the next little hill.  I know Adam is coming behind me and will give me the little push I need to make it to the end of the ride.  At this point several of the lifeguards are blowing their whistles.  That’s strange.  Everyone gets stuck at this point so I’m not sure why they’re blowing their whistles.  We all finally make it to the end of the ride and realize there was a SNAKE on the rocks between the slides.  A SNAKE!  Right by the slide we just came down.  A snake.  By the slide.  That we just went down.  I mean RIGHT by where I just was not two minutes ago.  I’m not sure why they were blowing the whistles.  Did they think that would cause the snake to pack up his stuff and move along?  The slide finally cleared and with a growing audience the teenage boys running the ride tried to gather up the snake ~ with sticks.  Well, the snake slithered down to the end of the rocks and into the water (the water of the ride that we just came off of!).  Now the snake is swimming through the water and the teenagers are still after it with the sticks.  Everyone is standing around watching to see exactly what is going to happen with this snake.  This older woman was standing there (not more than 2 feet from the snake) and says, “oh, it’s just a black snake…it’s not going to hurt anyone” and the next thing we know this woman has the snake in her hands!  That thing was at least FIVE FEET LONG!  It was a skinny snake but it sure was LONG!  So here’s this woman with this snake and no one knows what to do with it.  Finally a manager or someone comes with a net to get the snake which has already been caught.  This man and the snake hunter lady walk off.  I’m guessing they released the snake which means he’ll still be hanging out there somewhere!

So, after all the excitment dies down the kids want to ride the ride again!  The ride with the snake!  Again!  Being the awesome moms that we are, Julie and I grab our tubes and hike back up that mountain for one more scary ride down (the actual ride is not so scary but now that we know there are snakes around every corner we’re not so thrilled with it all!).  On this trip down I ask one of the lifeguards if that happens often and all he says is that he doesn’t like working that ride & they’re not usually in the water!  Yikes!  I’m not so sure getting passes to The Beach was such a wonderful idea!







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  1. jean permalink
    June 1, 2010 3:04 pm

    Ok, I guess this is the link that you was referring to. Dad read this the other day and said something about me supposed to go to the beach next week. I did not know what he was talking about. He said it was on facebook. I said I did not see it. Then he said maybe it was on Tracy’s blog. So I just found it. Guess he did not notice that this blog was dated last year.


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