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Shadow & The Vet

July 7, 2008

My kids were cracking up when they saw this appointment listed on my calendar:

Vet 10:00

(bring poop)

How hilarious that we would need to bring poop with us to the vet (aren’t you glad you don’t have that job?!).  Anyhoo…the appointment was scheduled for the end of July but last week Shadow started having problems going up the stairs and seemed to be favoring his back legs so I moved the appointment up to today.  I reminded everyone that we needed to watch for him to go to the bathroom as we needed to collect our sample to take.  As luck would have it (or not!) I happened to catch him going potty last night ~ at 11:00 p.m.!  I ventured out into the yard with my poop bag and couldn’t find where he had gone.  I didn’t want to step in anything in my slippers so I headed back inside for a flashlight.  I hope none of my neighbors saw me out back in my jammies, with a flashlight, searching for dog poo at 11:00 at night! 

I thought the dog poop collection would be the worst part of our trip to the vet (for me at least ~ Shadow had three shots to get).  I was wrong!  The problem with his leg?  A ruptured ACL (has he joined a doggy football league that we’re not aware of?!!?!).  My poor little pooch has to have surgery to repair his knee on Friday!!  I feel so bad for him!  He’ll be in the “hospital” overnight and then have stitches for 14 days.  Poor thing!

Oh, he also needs to go on a “restricted diet” and lose a bunch of weight.  Don’t we all?

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