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You Really Need to Update Your Blog

July 25, 2008

I’ve had TWO people in the last TWO days say “You really need to update your blog!”.  So, Nick & Jackie, this update is dedicated to you both! :)

The “lazy dayz” of summer that I wrote about earlier have turned into the “crazy dayz” of summer.  Here’s some of what’s been going on around here:

*The dog had surgery.  Ouch! (for his leg & our checkbook!).  He’s recovering nicely but isn’t allowed to do stairs so he & I are sleeping in the living room.  He gets his stitches out tomorrow.

*Nick went to church camp with a couple of friends from school for an ENTIRE WEEK!  That’s so long to be away and to NOT hear a word from him!!  We missed him!!  He had a WONDERFUL time and talked the entire way home (an hour!) about everything from the chapel services, the food, and the 78 year old counselor who was so excited they won a game that she danced on the table!  Fun stuff!  I’m still hearing bits & pieces of what went on at camp each day.  I love hearing the stories.  I’ve said it before and after listening to JR High tales from camp, I’ll say it again ~ JR High boys are weird! :)

*We just finished a great week of VBS at church.  We’re all exhausted.  Nick was too old to attend this year :( so he ran sound for the assembly and then was a group leader for the pre-school kids.  He says those kids are wild!  I hosted a stunt show each evening and was in several Bible skits.  What fun!

*We went swimming at the Y this afternoon and Tay had a cheerleading party tonight.  She has a darling woman with lots of pep for her coach.  I think she’s gonna love her.  Nick went to a pool party for a friend’s birthday.  He’s been swimming almost all day.  He’s sure to be tired when he gets home!

So, Jackie & Nick, there’s your blog update.  I’ll try to post more often.  I know how it is to be nosy check in on your favorite blogs and not see anything new! :)

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