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More Vacation Fun

August 5, 2008

 We did lots of fun things on our vacation.  We drove go-carts (fun!) & bumper boats (got soaked!), played putt-putt (twice), went in a mirror maze (neat!), visited an aquarium (smelled fishy),  drove to the top of a mountain (beautiful),  spent the day at Dollywood,  and visited a “hands-on” discovery place called Wonder Works.  We also enjoyed playing in the hotel waterpark.  Good times!


My parents were so nice and sent the kids some spending money for our trip.  Nick knew right away what he was going to spend his money on – fudge!  J  He had taken a trip to Gatlinburg with some friends and had gotten some fudge from this little shop and couldn’t wait to get more.  If we heard about it once we heard about it 100 times.  The boy wanted some fudge!  And he got it too!  It’s now in a container labeled “Nick’s” and no one is allowed to touch it!  He also got a neat pocketknife with his name on it.  Tay made a black bear (at a “build-a-bear” type thing at Dollywood) and named him “Smoky”.  She also got a new purse (you can never have too many!). 


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