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Vacation Funny…

August 6, 2008

While we were visiting Dollywood, Tay and I decided to see a show featuring the Kratt brothers.  These guys are on t.v. and go on adventures with wild animals.  They had some cool animals in their show – a beaver, kangaroo, zebra, couple of snakes, and some other strange creature that I can’t remember.


Anyhoo…as we’re walking to the show this conversation takes place:

Tay:  You see that?  (I look up to see a roller-coaster type ride)

Me:  Yeah.

Tay:  Dad wanted me to ride that.  He must be on crack!


I was cracking up!  Not sure where that came from but the running joke then became “he must be on crack”.  Brian says spending a week with us (actually, he said “you people”) would be enough to make anyone need crack! J

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