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It's too quiet around here!

August 19, 2008

My house is quiet this morning.  No one is asking for for breakfast, or water, or for me to fix the t.v.  No one is fighting over what show to watch on t.v.  No one is calling anyone a butthead or doofus.  It’s too quiet here! 

We’re now living on “school time”.  My body is still on “summer time”.  I couldn’t sleep last night.  Nick had trouble getting to sleep too.  When I went in to wake him up this morning he started talking about a guy and two hot dogs.  He wasn’t awake yet!  Strange dream….Tay says it must be from the giant weiner we saw at The Cone last night (a giant hotdog out front, nothing inappropriate!).  LOL!  5:45 came too early this morning.  The kids were up at 6:15.  We were at the bus stop at 7:10.  I would show you a picture but apparently parents of JR High kids don’t take pictures of the bus (everyone knows what a bus looks like).  I’ll try to sneak a picture tomorrow.  Brian followed the bus since it was the first time Nick has been on it.  Brian lost the bus.  How do you lose something so large?  And yellow?  He found the bus again at the transfer point.  Nick doesn’t have to transfer but he did see Brian and mouthed the words “I’m bored” ~ guess riding the bus isn’t as thrilling as he thought it would be.  Oh, well…

So, everyone made it to school on time.  At the elementary building the parents line up in a “tunnel” and cheer the kids on as they enter for the first day of school.  There are always tears — for some kids & a lot of parents. 

Here’s the first day of school picture I always take:

Nick looks thrilled, doesn’t he?  I guess it’s not cool for a 7th grader to get his picture taken with his sister on the first day of school.  Little does he know he’ll be required to take this same picture every “first day of school” until he graduates from high school.  Or college.  :)

And now my life resumes as a stay-at-home mom with kids in school full-time.  What should I do first?  Dishes or laundry?  Some things never change!

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