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Bad Boys, Bad Boys

August 21, 2008

See this face:

Cute, huh?  Some my even say “sweet” or “precious”.  Think again!  This dog has turned rotten!  Remember how I told you he “smiles” when he’s been bad?  Well, there’s been a whole lot of “smiles” coming from this dog lately!  In the past week or two he has chewed a pack of gum, eaten a lollipop, chewed up two (TWO!) new tubes of toothpaste (I thought his breath smelled minty fresh), peed in the house, chewed a baggie filled with plastic things for Tay’s cheer shoes, taken a drink of water from a mug that Tay was holding on her lap (because SHE was drinking it), opened a happy meal toy, and tried numerous times to eat the fish food.  To top it off we came home this afternoon and the t.v. was on.  He must have been watching soaps while we were gone! 

We’re thinking of changing his name to Dennis.  As in “the menace”. 

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