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Nick's Fitness Plan

August 23, 2008

Nick’s homework for gym class is to create a fitness plan that they will complete on their own this semester.  I asked him if they had to fill out some sort of “log” so the teacher would know they’ve been exercising.  He said they didn’t.  Apparently the teacher will know if they’ve done it (or not!) by the physical shape they are in at the end of the semester.  There is an 8th grader in the class that gets up every morning at 5:30 a.m. and goes running for 1/2 hour.  That kid should get extra credit!  Nick & Brian worked on Nick’s plan tonight.  I’m not allowed to tell you about it.  I’ve been censored.  :(  I asked permission to blog about it but permission was denied.  Bummer.

I am allowed to tell you that Nick completed his first evening of exercising.  When I asked him how it went he said, “It feels really good.  I can’t feel my arms or my legs.  But it feels really good.” 

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