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You want us to drink THAT?

August 25, 2008

 Yesterday morning I woke up and started to grab a glass of water only to discover a problem.  See the little water dispenser on the left side of my fridge?

It wouldn’t give me any water.  That’s strange.  Didn’t think much about it (other than Brian needed to look at it.)  (oh, and now that I see a picture of the fridge it needs cleaned off!).  Anyhoo…when we came home from church we discovered that the motor in the freezer wasn’t working!  Yikes!  We put what we could into coolers and had a repair guy come (who happened to recognize us from church ~ it’s a small world after all).  He couldn’t get the part until this morning so we were without a fridge over night.  No biggie right?  Well, the kids wondered where we would get our drinking water.  Imagine the horror when I directed them to this:

Primitive, I know.  Fortunately, we just had to rough it for one day. :)

This morning when I handed Tay her waterbottle for school she took it and said, “is this that tap water?”  Spoiled girl.  She does drink a lot of water so she’ll be thrilled to discover that her tap water drinking time has come to an end. 

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