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Lower Class Campers

September 3, 2008

We took our annual Labor Day Weekend camping trip with some friends.  We went to a place in New Paris called Natural Springs Resort.  Many of the people (including one of the families we were camping with) camped in something like this:

Nice, huh?  Seems to be…until you see what many of the others were camping in:


 Wow!  I’ve never seen so many LARGE campers in one place before!  Here’s what we camped in:

(insert crickets chirping)

I’m sure if there is a “social class” in the camping circles we were definitely “lower class”.  You see, one thing the website of this place fails to mention is that the majority of the campers there camp in one of the first two types of campers.  There may have been a half dozen sites with tents on them (give or take three or four).  That’s okay.  We survived.  We hung out at our friends’ camper and only approached our primitive sleeping arangements under the cover of darkness.  No one around knew who the low-lifes were sleeping in that old-fashioned tent. :)

I bet none of those “upper-class” campers had this:

That’s apple crisp cooking over an open fire.  Yum-O!  Angie always has a cool new dessert to try while camping. 

Check out this fun trolley that would take you around the campgrounds.  No one seemed to mind that you could get where you needed to go about ten times faster if you walked.  Walking is not as much fun as a trolley ride! :)

It’s always good to get back home ~ to your nice soft (warm) bed and your nice (warm) shower.  The only downside to coming home from a weekend of camping:

Laundry – ugh!  Not just any old laundry either….this laundry smells like sweat & campfire.  Nice.  I guess you know what I’ll be doing for the next couple of days!



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