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Happy Birthday 10 year old!

September 11, 2008

Last night as I was tucking Tay into bed I gave her an extra long hug.  She finally told me to stop.  I said that I couldn’t because it was the very last time I’d hug a nine-year-old in this house!  Our baby girl turns TEN today!  Double digits.  She’s now part of a group referred to as “pre-teens” or “tweens” ~ she loves that! :) 

Anyhoo…in honor of our girl’s special day, here are 10 things you may or may not know about Tay:

1  She loves stuffed animals.  I can’t even tell you how many Webinz the girl has!

2  She’s very kind.  (Nick says she’s kind-ish, whatever that means).

3  She’s very funny…and loves it when she gets a laugh – she has a crazy, wacky sense of humor (no idea where she gets it!)

4  She likes to snack on potato chips dipped in ketchup (the girl loves her some ketchup!)

5  She’s scared of spaghetti :)

6  She loves dancing & cheerleading.

7  She hates cartoons.

8  She loves swimming ~ the girl will swim in ice water (brrrrr…).

9  She has wonderful handwriting (unlike her brother!).

10  She is very artistic (gets that from Brian).

Happy Birthday Taylor!  We love you & are so proud of you!!

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