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I Didn't Want to Go

September 25, 2008

I didn’t want to go to the Y to workout this afternoon.  I’m tired.  I had a headache.  It would have been easy NOT to go.  I went.  I’m glad I did.  It feels good to move.  I decided that I’m only doing exercises that I like :)  I hate the treadmill so I’m no longer doing it.  I do the bike instead.  I like the bike.  Angie likes the treadmill better.  Yay for her.  I’m sticking to the bike :)  After my warm-up on the bike it’s off to the weight machines.

Confidential to the guy working out two machines away from me:  If you have to moan & groan and carry on so loudly while you’re working out, 200+ pounds just might be a bit to much for you to lift.  I’m just sayin’.  You might want to back it off a pound or fifty so you don’t hurt yourself.  Oh, and yes, all the ladies working out saw you walk to the mirror to check yourself out.  Impressive. 

According to the Y fitness computer I lifted over 9,000 lbs today!  I’ve also burned off 65 apples this month.  Not that I’ve eaten 65 apples….but if I had ~ they’d be gone! 

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