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Chinese Food

September 30, 2008

We love Chinese food so we took Brian to a Chinese buffet for dinner last night for his birthday.  We had a great Chinese buffet around the corner from our old house and have been looking for one closer to home.  Brian and I had been to this particular buffet for lunch but this dinner was the first time the kids have gone.  Three of the four of us like this buffet better than another one we’ve recently tried (Nick always has to be different!).  Anyhoo…here’s the conversation as I was helping Tay get some food:

Me:  Oh, look sis, they have chicken fingers.

Tay:  I am not getting chicken fingers.  This is a Chinese buffet.

Me:  Oh.  Okay.  What would you like?

Tay:  I’ll have some Mac & Cheese.

So, there you have it.  Chicken fingers are not Chinese food.  Apparently Mac & Cheese is!  Too funny!  :)

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