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Don't tell mom!

October 1, 2008

As Tay and I were heading to the car this morning she noticed something new in the garage.  She says, “Is that a ramp?”.  Hmmm…yes, I think it is.  It appears that someone has built a small wooden ramp.  You know the kind – the kind boys go flying over on their bikes.  A neighbor boy recently build one out of junk and several of the boys were having a good ol’ time in the cul-de-sac flying through the air (where were their mothers?).  I told Tay that Nick had said he was outside all evening while we were at cheerleading practice last night but he hadn’t said anything about a ramp.  Tay said that dad probably told him “Don’t tell Mom”.  Hmmmm….that’s interesting.  Obviously she’s heard those words before.  Why else would she think that?!?!

So, I needed to call Brian (about something else) and casually said, “Is that a ramp in our garage?”.  He says, “Oh, is there?  I don’t know anything about that”.  HaHa!  Yeah, right.  He then proceeds to tell me that the kids are supposed to tell me they don’t know where it came from.  I ask if it’s safe.  He says sure (but doesn’t sound so sure!).

Anyhoo….when Nick and I were driving to the orthodontist I ask him about the ramp.  He says, “Oh, yeah.  Dad built that for us last night.”  So much for “Don’t tell Mom!”  When will dads learn that the kids ALWAYS tell Mom!  :)

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