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The Dog Ate My Homework

October 24, 2008

This paper came home with Tay yesterday and it was just too funny not to share (with permission of course).  She typed it up in computer class.

All the Excuses to Tell your Teacher Why you Don’t Have your Homework

by Taylor

1.  My dog ate it.

2.  We have termites

3.  Well I was hit by a car

4.  Butterflies carried me to Heaven and let go

5.  I ran inot the wall

6.  I got a new robot to do it and he bursted

7.  I got hit by lighting

8.  I got arrested

9.  I didn’t feel like it

10.  I opened the window of the bus and it flew out

11.  My friend wanted to copy it and he didn’t give it back

12.  I sold it on Ebay

13.  I went to Rehab

14.  I got invaded by parrots

15.  I drowned in the bathtub

16.  I was home alone with no toilet paper

17.  I wanted a little free time in the pool and it got wet

Okay so I have a lot of excuses for lost or not doing homework but I have about 3 other great ones.  I hope you have enjoyed all of my excuses about my homework!  I have some of my best coming up!

1.  Brother and me were fist fighting and I got a bloodie nose and my paper is blood red.

2.  I fell asleep

3.  I went to the hospital and had 3 seconds to live. (My spirit is writing this)

Well these is my list that I always tell my teacher!  I hoped you like them and start using them everyday!


Where does she come up with this stuff?  Too funny!  Crazy Girl!! :)  Oh, and she always turns in her homework!


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