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What a Morning!

November 10, 2008

No one wanted to get up.  I feel like I’m getting a cold – ugh!

Nick drags himself out of bed after a long weekend (I’ll post on that later).  I look in his closet to discover that he doesn’t have any pants.  I realize they’re down in the laundry room so I go to get them while he hops in the shower.  I find the pants.  In the WASHER – and they’re WET!  I throw them in the dryer, praying they’ll dry in time.  They do.  Nick’s slow moving because he’s so tired.  He finally gets out the door…fully dressed…and off to school.

Tay drags herself out of bed.  Does her morning routine (a little behind schedule).  Comes downstairs looking cute.  Somehow we’re running late.  Ready to head out the door.  I realize at this point that she’s wearing a navy skort (which I picked out for her last night).  Today is AHG and she should have a TAN skort on.  UGH.  Plus she’s wearing gray leggings.  Gray leggings looked cute with the navy skort.  Not so sure about gray leggings with the tan skort.  She wore it anyways (she said it was fine).  So we get into the car – 15 minutes later than usual and she asks if I have her breakfast (she eats a granola bar on the way to school).  No I don’t have her breakfast.  Or her water bottle.  I head back into the house like a wild woman and grab a breakfast bar and a water bottle.  Finally, we’re headed to school.  I walk her into the gym and tell her good-bye.  As I’m heading out of the building I notice I’m carrying her water bottle.  I head back in to give it to her and am once again on my way. 

I’m so glad this isn’t a typical morning!  The rest of the day has got to be better! :)

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