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Veteran's Day

November 11, 2008

This morning I went to a Veteran’s Day program at Nick’s school.  Wow!  They did such a nice job honoring the veterans that were in attendance.  The band played.  Kids sang.  Nick sang with a small group of 7th graders.  They sang God Bless the USA and sounded really good. :)  The mother of a guy that’s currently serving spoke about what it’s been like since her son joined the Army.  This woman’s kid “surprised” his family on the 4th of July with the news that he had joined the Army.  Not exactly the kind of “surprise” a mom hopes for.  A nice discussion about joining the Army would be more approriate before actually signing-up, don’t you think?  I know all the moms agree with me!  They showed several very touching videos (real tear jerkers!).  Near the end the band played a medley of all the military songs and the veterans stood when their song was played and everyone clapped for them.  I guess those are called the “official songs” of each branch.  I kept thinking “what do they call those songs” — theme songs?   Fight songs?  What?!?!  My brain is foggy from this cold I have and I just couldn’t think so I looked it up.  They stood when they heard the official song of their branch.  Anyhoo…I think you got the idea but it would drive me nuts until I figured that out!  I’m nuts that way! :)

My dad was in the military (Army).  So was my Grandpa & Brian’s Grandpa.  Mine was in the Army & his the Navy?  How awful is that…I’m really not sure.  Someone fill me in.  Brian’s brother was in the Navy.  So was our wonderful Mr. Price (our old neighbor).  So, if any of you wonderful guys happen to read this “Thank You” for serving so that the rest of us can enjoy the freedoms of this great country of ours.   Actually, my dad is probably the only one who will ever see this (so thanks Dad!).  I highly doubt Brian’s grandpa, brother, or Mr. Price will ever read my blog! LOL!  And my Grandpa?  Well, who knows…do you think there are computers in heaven?


*Flag clip art is from  It’s free Christian clip-art that you can use if you give them credit.  So there it is.  If the clip-art police happen to visit my blog they’ll see that I’ve followed their rules! :)

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