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Good Fortunes

December 12, 2008

Sorry it’s been a whole week since my last post!  I have several blog posts floating around in my head but I have yet to get them onto the computer.

Nick went on a youth outing with some friends tonight and Tay had musical practice at church.  Brian & I went out to dinner.  Alone.  Without kids.  I had forgotten what that was like! :)  We went to a chinese place.  Yum-o.  We both got fortune cookies with fortunes that were so fitting….

Brian’s says:

They say you are stubborn you call it persistence.

Nuff said.  Don’t really have to explain that one, do I?

And mine…

To be content with little is true happiness.

Here’s the thing… the other night we were talking about gifts and I commented that there really wasn’t anything I wanted/needed.  I thought this was a great place to be in life.  I’m perfectly content.  Happy even.  Well…apparently some people find this annoying!  Who knew?  It seems that there might be times when certain people might want to do something nice for someone and surprise them with something but when they NEVER hear the other person say “I wish I had…” or “I’d like to have…” it becomes very difficult to do something nice for that person.  Hmmmm….maybe I should come up with a “wish list”.  What do you think?


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