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Just Say No!

December 19, 2008

 If someone from your child’s school calls you in October and asks you to bake muffins for a teacher breakfast that will take place in December, just say no.  You see, in October the thought of baking two dozen muffins for a group of wonderful teachers will sound like a good idea.  It’ll sound like something you can do.  You might even say “no problem” when you’re asked.  What you will fail to realize in October is that come December your life will become crazy busy!  You won’t even have started your Christmas shopping.  You’ll be in charge of the school book fair.  You’ll be organizing a youth group Christmas party and helping with a school Christmas party.  Both parties will be the same week the muffins need to be baked.  You’ll have no idea that something totally unexpected will happen and you’ll need to go out of town for a day or so.  Oh no.  You’ll say “no problem, I can bake those muffins”.  And because you always follow through you’ll get them done:

So, I got the muffins done at the very last minute (because I didn’t buy the muffin mix in October…I bought it the day before the breakfast).  Plus, because I’m such an awesome mom I had to bake an extra dozen for my own family. 

Then, to top things off…because I’m completely insane such a nice person I decided to bake a chocolate chip pie for my DFF.  I happened to be texting her the last time I made these pies and she said “sounds yummy” (or something like that) so I told her I’d make her one sometime.  Never mind the three dozen muffins (or the 24 treat bags I still needed to finish)…I was making pie:


And because I’m such an awesome mom, I made an extra for my family (they now have a dozen muffins & a pie — and I just realized they’re all chocolate chip!).

So, while I was waiting for the pies to bake I decided to make 40 bars of homemade soap for all my closest friends:


LOL!  I’m kidding!  My AHG girls made that soap for the teachers at school.  I did have to cut it and package it for delivery (on the same day the muffins were due and the class party was taking place).  And when I say “I” have to cut it what I really mean is Brian cut it for me. :)

Needless to say it took me until LATE last night to get all of this done.  Everything got where it needed to go.  I hear the teacher breakfast was nice.  The class liked their party & their goody bags.  I hope my DFF likes her pie and the teachers like their soap.  It’s peppermint scented – for the holidays — but Tay says no one wants to go around smelling like a candy cane!  Oh, well…

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