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Deck the Halls

December 21, 2008

 The weekend after Thanksgiving we had a fun time getting our Christmas decorations out.  Here’s our fireplace & tree:

Doesn’t it look cozy?  Makes you just want to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa & a good book.

Brian’s goal for the outside was “keep it simple”.  You see, at our old house our outside decorations evolved from very simple to “National Lampoon Christmas”.  I never liked outside lights.  Often times I saw lights that were just tossed here & there and looked tacky (not trying to be judgemental…I’m just sayin’ — I like “neat” outdoor lights).  Anyhoo…over time out collection of outdoor decorations grew and grew and grew and then grew some more.   Our house always made me laugh when I would pull up (in a good, happy way).  Not to brag or anything but Brian even won awards from our little city for his outdoor display.  So, when we moved to this house we carried on the “National Lampoon” tradition (even though I feared our new neighbors may not appreciate our holiday cheer) and soon discovered that the location of our new house is WINDY.  This does not make for good outdoor decorating (or a happy outdoor decorator — seems as if one doesn’t stay jolly for long when he has to set his outdoor decor up every single day due to the wind).  After fighting the decorations & the wind for two years it was declared that this year’s outdoor display would be “simple”. 

Tay was excited to help this year and they soon got to work:

Here’s their finished display:

Simple, huh?  I mean really…there are only FOUR blow-ups this year.  That’s only one or four more than any of our neighbors.  Tay decided where everything would go and I think it looks great.  But guess what?  We had wind & ice the other night and someone declared that next year there would be NO blow-ups.  Uh huh.  Haven’t we heard that before? 

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