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The Christmas Card Photo

December 23, 2008

 One of the things I hate love about the Christmas season is trying to get the perfect photo for our Christmas cards.  The kids & the dog love it about as much as I do.  :)  Here are a few of my attempts at this years photo…

Take 1:

Hmmm…there’s a horrible glare from the fireplace.  Maybe if I take the picture from the side.  Oh, and Shadow, please look at the cameral & shut your mouth.

Take 2:

Better on the glare.  Shadow, a little less with the smile please.

Take 3:

Let’s look at the camera people!

Take 15:

Smile Nick!  And Shadow, what’s with the open mouth?

Take 23:

Shadow needed a break!

Take 24:

Open your eyes!  And Shadow, please shut your mouth.

Take 38:

Well…that’s not too shabby.  Let’s try it again with Shadow’s mouth shut.

Take 104:

Oh, good grief!

Believe it or not we did actually get a decent shot.  And it was one of the first ones I took!  You’ll have to wait to see the Christmas cards to see it! :)

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