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Bedtime Prayers

December 28, 2008

Tay loves routine.  Our “normal” (is anything we do normal?) bedtime routine is me tucking her in & saying good night.  Then I go tell Nick good night.  Then I have to check on Tay again.  It’s been this way for years.  She has always wanted me to come back and check on her — even if it’s only been a minute since she was tucked in she cannot go to sleep until I check on her.

Anyhoo…tonight when I went back in to check on her it was obvious she was praying so I stood quietly in her room & waited.  As I stood there I thought how thankful I was that she ended her day talking to God.  I prayed that her heart would always be open to the things of God.  Then I wondered what exactly she was praying about.  None of my business but I was curious.  I didn’t ask though.  When she was done praying I told her good night & gave another kiss.  And then she said, “I know that prayer was long.  I prayed for my family, for my shopping trip tomorrow, for seeing my cousins today, and for Shadow.” 

I pray for my family too.  I’m thankful for an afternoon spent with cousins, and aunts & uncles, and grandma.  Sometimes I pray for Shadow.  And I guess tonight I’ll pray for tomorrow’s shopping trip.  Maybe we’ll find some bargains! :)

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