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Where's the Super Glue?

January 23, 2009

 Emergency text sent to Brian:  Where’s the super glue?

Text from Brian:  If it’s not in the drawer, its outside in the sun room on the floor next to the hot tub.  What are you doing?  :-(

Yes, you read that right — he ended with a frown!  A frown!  Now come on.  All I asked for was a tube of super glue.  I don’t think that deserves a frown, do you?  I mean come on.  It’s been at least 12 years or so since I accidentally glued a tube of super glue to the kitchen table.  And at least that long since I glued my finger to a picture frame.  I thought he would have forgotten by now that he ordered asked me never to touch the stuff again.  Ever.  And I’ve been pretty good about not needing the stuff until today.  It was a true super glue emergency.  Fortunately, I found the stuff:

Unfortunately, the tube was clogged and in my efforts to unclog it I may have glued two of my fingers together.  And glued the lid to our trash can shut. 

Once I finally got the miracle glue flowing (and my fingers unstuck) I was able to move on to the true emergency:

I know.  That’s my Mickey antenna topper.  Given to me by my DFF after my original one was sucked up by the gas station car wash.  As you can see…a true emergency.  I had to get that ear glued back on ASAP:

And I didn’t even glue it to the table.  :)  Now, how am I gonna get the lid off the trash can?

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