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Somebody owes Somebody ten dollars…

January 29, 2009

So tonight Tay was talking about praying for another snow day.  I told her I didn’t think God was going to answer that prayer the way she wanted.  Brian was so sure they would have school tomorrow that he told her he would give her & Nick each  $10 if they didn’t have school.  Well…guess what?  We got a call around 8:30 that school is closed for tomorrow.  Once again…I should never underestimate the power of prayer!  And Brian should never promise money!!

Anyhoo…the kids went to bed and nothing else was said about the $10.  We were sure she had forgotten – and we were not going to mention it again.  We’re sitting watching t.v. and hear Tay come downstairs.  She says, “Excuse me Dad.  I just wanted to remind you that you owe me $10.”  Too funny.

So, that makes 4 snow days this week.  The kids are also off school on Monday for Teacher In-Service.  Nick says it’s like a 7 day weekend.  :)

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