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I'll Make the Brownies

February 12, 2009

Tomorrow is pastor appreciation day at Tay’s school.  The pastors go to chapel with the kids and then the school feeds them lunch.  It’s always a big day at the school.  There are 8 kids there that go to our church so our wonderful Pastor Lia should have a fun lunch with that group. :)

Each class was asked to provide one dessert for the lunch.  Since the other mom I work with as “room moms” for Tay’s class was organizing the Valentine’s Day Party I told her I would take care of the dessert.  Well…that was before my busy weekend of tubing & visiting with my in-laws, before Tay was home sick for two days, before Nick’s doctor appointment yesterday, and before lunch duty & class party today.  Needless to say, I had pretty much forgotten about the dessert.

Anyhoo…I planned on running out tonight to get something to make.  Then I thought I could figure something out here.  I have the stuff for homemade brownies.  Does it matter that I’ve never made that recipe before?  Brian very kindly offered to run out to get me something.  I finally agreed that would be a good idea.

So, I asked him to get me a brownie mix.  Not the cheapest one.  Not the most expensive one.  Something “in between” but still yummy.  Oh, and a disposable 9×13 pan would be good so I don’t have to worry about getting my pan back.  Make sure the brownie mix is the one for a 9×13 pan though.  That should be easy enough right…one brownie mix, not too cheap…not too expensive…that fits a 9×13 pan….and one disposable pan.  Easy peasy.

Off he went…I was expecting at least one call.  No call came.  One text message was sent.  “Where are the pans?”.  Well, that depends what store he went to (and I wasn’t sure).  Some stores have them in the baking section.  Others (like Wal-Mart) have them with the actual pots & pans.  Guess which store he was at?  When he got home he said “I didn’t know I’d have to go all over the store to get the stuff.”  I’m guessing he won’t offer to run to the store for me again anytime soon.

Now, I wonder if I have eggs… :)

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