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He NEEDS coffee?

March 26, 2009

Text messages from this morning:

From Nick:  You know how i keep complaining about being tired from baseball?  Well not anymore.  I just need one cup of coffee a day.  Yay

To Nick from me:  What?

From Nick:  I NEED coffee.  Please.  Think of the poor children

To Nick from me:  U r nuts!

From Nick:  So i can have coffee?

To Nick from me:  We’ll talk about it later.

From Nick:  Yay.  Coffee!

Anyhoo….at dinner tonight I asked if they would like to explain the coffee thing since I’m guessing someone gave someone a drink of coffee while waiting for the bus this morning.  Someone didn’t seem to know anything about it!  Nick says a little coffee in the morning kept him hyper all day long.  I’m sure the teachers appreciate that!  Never mind the fact that our coffee is 1/2 caff.  Apparently Brian started drinking coffee with his grandparents at about Nick’s age (where was his mother?).  So, Nick now thinks he’s a coffee drinker.  Uh, huh. 

Oh, and I still have no clue how the drinking of coffee will help the poor children.

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