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April 12, 2009
The other day I got this in an e-mail.  It was written by Taylor.  She had cute pictures in between each sentence but I couldn’t get them to copy here.  That’s okay though…the pictures made it cute but the words are oh, so important.
Easter is a time when Jesus  gave his life for you and me. He was placed on the cross. He was laid in a tomb. After a number of days Jesus came to life in the tomb during a thunder-storm. Everybody’s broken hearts were healed. When Jesus rose people knew peace was assured. When the people saw this they began to weap . The sinners were forgiven . The dead was raised . People sang to Jesus . There was celebrations , crys , and praises . Today we  look up to Jesus for doing this. Sunday is Easter. If you have not asked Jesus in your heart do it now! You don’t know what your missing untill you try. I will promise you, you have never been happier when you are in the hands of God. Happy Easter everybody!  by Taylor


“He is not here; He has risen!”  Luke 24:6

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