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The Power of Positive Thinking

April 29, 2009

The other night Nick got a hit at his baseball game.  I missed it because I was home with Tay (she wasn’t feeling well).  At bedtime he was telling me all about the game.  He said that when he got up to bat, he wasn’t expecting to get a hit.  I told him he needed to have positive thoughts when he stepped up to the plate and expect to get a hit. 

This morning I had a similar converstion with Tay.  She has to make up a math test today at school since she stayed home sick on Monday.  On the way into the building this morning she said she didn’t want to go because she was going to fail her math test.  Again, I gave my “positive thinking pep talk”.  I told her she needed to think positive thoughts.  She needed to think that she was going to ace the test.  Remember to think positive things.  So she says, “Okay.  I’m positive I’m going to fail!”. 

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