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She's Aggravated

May 11, 2009

Yesterday Tay informed me that she is aggravated with her teacher.  It seems that Mrs. W has rearranged the classroom seating yet again.  For a LONG time she had the desks situated in groups.  Tay LOVED her group.  She was with her BFF & several funny boys.  What could be better?  Last week Mrs. W decided to try the desks in rows.  Tay was in the back and it was crowded.  She informed the boy next to her that he better push his chair in when he got up so that she could get out.  I think I feel sorry for the kid if he forgot to push the chair in!  Anyhoo…it seems that maybe the rows weren’t the best idea because late in the week they were in groups again.  Not the same groups as before (which is a shame because Tay LOVED her group!).  Really doesn’t seem like that big of a deal does it?  Well….apparently Mrs. W sat her right next to a boy who has chickens for pets!  Can you imagine?  Chickens!  This just isn’t sitting right with our girl!  I mean really.  What kind of kid has chickens for a pet?!?!  This morning as she was getting out of the car she says, “Well, here I go.  I have to sit by chicken boy.”  I sure hope she doesn’t refer to him that way at school!  And I really hope he doesn’t convince her that a chicken is the perfect pet!  :)

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